TGL Physie - where girls and women come together
to dance their way to confidence.

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“I am thankful that TGL Physie was able to continue online. My daughter Lexie loves her Physie but is currently at her dad's house in QLD until the borders reopen. This has helped keep her connected to the things she does back at home and see Lyn and her Physie friends on Zoom.” 

Bec, mum of 9 year old Lexie

My name is Kristy, I was brand new to Physie in 2020, and I mean brand new, never seen a class let alone a competition. 

2020 brought some health challenges for me so I looked for something physical to participate in, it needed to keep my interest and challenge me, but also I needed to feel supported and not ashamed of my body or my abilities.

The TGL Ladies class is the most amazing group of ladies!  Supportive of all body types, all exercise levels, gracefulness.

We are not Olympians.  We are overweight, we're mothers, we're full-time workers, we are not always graceful... but we try hard, we work harder and enjoy a good chat and laugh harder than all of those combined.

We may have bad knees and bad backs but we lift each other's spirits and support each other in class and at competitions.

I am now hooked and look forward to many more ladies classes and laughs in the future!