TGL Physie - where girls and women come together

to dance their way to confidence.

"Lyn was so welcoming and gracious in taking my 3-year-old daughter into the 5-year-old group when we moved into the area.

Her patience paid off and my daughter quickly became a devotee to Physie and practices at home whenever she can.

She’s made some great friends too. She still has a year until she can compete but she’s looking forward to the new year so she can ‘go back to Physie’ (every time we drive past the hall she looks to see if Lyn’s car is out front!).

Thank you Lyn M. Creek 😊 "  

Erin - Mum of Hazel

"I've moved to Gloucester in 2019 & have been welcomed into the club by Lyn - she is a great teacher with infectious enthusiasm. She watches and gauges each individual - giving lots of encouragement & support.

Classes can be fun &/ or getting right into Physie.

Ladies classes is a place for 'down time' for the week, to stretch my limbs, dance with music & socialise - all within the hour!

Hearing what other families have gone through and Lyn's dedication - her actions speaks for itself. Refer to Gloucester Advocate, 20 November 2019."

Michelle - TGL Lady.

“I am thankful that TGL Physie was able to continue online. My daughter Lexie loves her Physie but is currently at her dad's house in QLD until the borders reopen. This has helped keep her connected to the things she does back at home and see Lyn and her Physie friends on Zoom.” 

Bec, mum of 9 year old Lexie